Key Considerations for a Sunroom

Imagine adding a space to your home that lets you enjoy the natural views surrounding your property without having to brave the elements. With a sunroom addition, you can enjoy all that and more. When you add a sunroom to your home, you can experience beautiful sunsets, calming rain showers and everything else nature has to offer while still staying comfortable indoors.

Before you can bring the charm of the outdoors into your home, there are a few things you need to consider. From the purpose of the space to the contractor you hire, these keys for adding a sunroom can help you design your dream add-on.

1. Determine Your Sunroom’s Main Purpose

Adding a sunroom to your home opens up the possibilities of how you can use the space. Determining your sunroom’s main purpose lets you choose the appropriate size and design. Some potential uses include:

  • At-home office
  • Entertaining space
  • Exercise room
  • Spa
  • Plant room
  • Dining room

You’ll also need to decide if you plan to use the sunroom year-round or if it will be a gathering space for warmer months. This can impact the type of sunroom you need and the type of materials required for construction.

2. Choose a Design for Your Sunroom

Sunrooms come in many different styles, designs and sizes. Consider which sunroom type will best meet your needs while also coordinating with the rest of your home’s design.

Some examples of sunroom types include:

Take a look at your home’s current design to see which sunroom style will complement your home best. If you plan to use your sunroom year-round, you’ll want to choose a design style that uses insulated and thermally efficient framing.

3. Use High-Quality Products

The materials used to build your sunroom can make a huge difference in the space’s aesthetic and functionality. High-quality products like insulated glass, aluminum, vinyl and natural wood ensure you can use your sunroom year-round — even during the colder months.

You can also feel confident your sunroom is built to last and will create a beautiful finish for a space you love to show off. Hiring an experienced and trustworthy contractor can help ensure your sunroom is built with only the best materials.

4. Find the Right Location

Do you want a sunroom that catches as much direct sunlight as possible, or would you prefer a space away from your neighbor’s eye? The sunroom’s location can drastically change the views and amount of sunlight that comes through. Keep the sun’s pattern in mind and consider how different locations may impact the appeal of the room.

5. Hire Good Contractors

While designing a sunroom, you’ll want to get help from an expert sunroom contractor. Contractors have the experience and industry knowledge to help you design the best sunroom for both design and functionality purposes. They can offer suggestions on the best location and materials for climate control.

For example, if you plan to use your screen room in winter, your contractor will make sure to use insulated glass to help control the temperature.

A great contractor will also communicate with you throughout the process and answer any questions or concerns you may have. Overall, a top-quality contractor will provide you with the best-looking and performing results and a stress-free installation process.

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