January 16, 2017


Window Contractors in Newtown, PA

WINDOWS Are the Eyes of a Home

If the kitchen is the heart of a home, the windows are the eyes.  Windows let in light, give a sense of spacious to a home, and allow you to connect with world outside your four walls. They must perform contradictory actions: the panes of glass must aide in keeping the house cool when the temperatures are soaring and keep a home cozy and warm when the winds of winter are forming icicles on the outside.  Windows must be secure enough to keep a family safe. They should also be decorative and add to the curb appeal of a home. This is a lot to ask of a pane of glass. Fortunately, D&E DESIGNS has been constructing rooms and widows made of glass for over 40 years.

D&E DESIGNS constructs all windows and doors with Avalon Windows, which offers a glass formula that suits your climate’s exact needs. It is an environmentally sustainable product that conserves energy and reduces any negative impact on the environment. It is also guaranteed to reduce your home energy costs substantially.

High Quality Window Contractors for Newtown, PA and BEYOND!

Windows for Any Climate

Whether your overall climate is hot or cold, you can be sure your windows will stand up to your local environment conditions and will provide the best protection for you and your family. Our windows are designed and engineered to exceed the toughest manufacturing, building, and energy codes.  

The standard features of the Avalon Window include:

    1. Frame profiles with internal divided chambers for added rigidity and enhanced thermal performance.
    1. Double strength insulating glass units that, at three-quarters inches, are the optimum size for dependable energy efficiency.
    1. Glass edges that are positioned one-half inches into the sash to help maintain even temperatures.
    1. Frames and sashes that are welded at mitered corners—the strongest type of construction on the market.
    1. Sloped-sill design that prevents water from pooling during heavy rains.
    1. Multiple weatherseals at various points around each sash to reduce drafts.
    1. Sash features with a closed-cell foam barrier that seals at the sill to block water penetration.
  1. Standard Conservaglass™Ultra dual-pane, lower E/Argon with Intercept Spacer for optimum performance.

Security is Key

For your protection and to ensure the durability of the vinyl window frame and sash, Energy-Saving Windows by D&E DESIGNS utilize the maximum amount of Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) in the UPVC (Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride) in its windows. This TiO2 provides superior UV protection and impact resistance for you and your family’s safety and security. Then, for added strength and durability, D&E DESIGNS Energy-Saving Windows utilize the thickest extrusion (80 mil) web with the most individual air chambers (for outstanding insulation capability) to build window frames and sashes that are strong, durable and supremely energy efficient.

Beauty that Enhances the Home

D&E DESIGNS’ Windows Enhance the Beauty of your home by offering an array of clean, classic architectural materials and details. There are beautiful and unique hardware options to match your home and your lifestyle. Our windows are designed to increase your living comfort not only in style but in function as they reduce outside noise, decrease temperature fluctuations, and lessen inside glare.

All of this is baked by the best warranty in the business.  Our lifetime warranty covers the entire window, and it is fully transferable to a second property owner.

Whatever your reason to replace your windows, the Avalon Window by D&E DESIGNS will exceed your expectation. We offer you uncompromising performance and the peace of mind that comes from a craftsman-engineered window lineup that is in an investment both in your home and in your life.

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