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A conservatory attached to a home
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Outdoor living… Indoors.

Nothing lets the sun in like an all-glass room, also known as a conservatory. From the wall to windows to the glass roof, conservatory designs and customization options are nearly limitless when you work with Evolution Sunrooms for your home addition project. Conservatories normally feature classical architecture and open floor space, but the traditional design is just a starting point for your vision.

What is a conservatory exactly? You can imagine it as an all-glass structure that extends from a house. The idea of a conservatory sunroom dates back to the 16th century when individuals around the world would create spaces to keep warm-weather plants and fruits safe from winter elements. Today, many homeowners use conservatories for leisure and entertainment purposes. What you do with yours is completely up to you.

Generally, conservatories differ from traditional sunrooms in how much decorative glass makes up the structures. Conservatories are constructed almost entirely out of glass with the exception of metal supports and frames. You can create an optimal view of your property from all directions when incorporating a conservatory addition to your house.

We believe conservatories should look as though they were always part of the original structure, an architectural feature that ties in seamlessly with your home’s aesthetic and function. We are the best conservatory builder in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Feel free to book an appointment with us to see how an all-new space can transform your routine and lifestyle for the better.


At Evolution Sunrooms, our contractors specialize in the design and installation process for conservatories. With over 25 years of industry experience behind us, we have what it takes to recommend conservatory styles, materials and layouts to ensure you’re completely satisfied with project results. We complete glass conservatory additions across a vast service area that includes parts of southeastern Pennsylvania, like the Philadelphia metropolitan area, and the state of New Jersey.

At Evolution Sunrooms, we take pride in every conservatory installation we complete. We’ll begin your assignment by visiting your home twice to gather measurements, listen to your preferences for a conservatory build and explain your options for materials that fit your budget. By the end of our second visit, you’ll receive a finalized price for the project. We’ll start construction on a timeline that suits your schedule.

Our team has served almost 7,000 customers to date, so we’ve seen it all. Whether you have a certain conservatory shape in mind or would like to see metal supports in specific colors, we can help. With Evolution Sunrooms, you can purchase several different types of conservatories for your home in southeastern Pennsylvania or New Jersey. We’ll see your project through from start to finish. Review our available styles below.


Cathedral:  Bathed in the golden rays of sunlight, the cathedral sunroom embraces serenity and provides a sanctuary of tranquility.


Edwardian: With an elegant, simple design, Edwardian conservatories feel spacious and add a contemporary architectural feature that will fit a variety of homes.

bsporke convervatoris

Bespoke: Every home is unique, and our Bespoke conservatories bring your unique vision to life, blending seamless design and personalized luxury.


Victorian: Transport yourself to the romantic era of Victorian charm, as these traditional-looking conservatories exude grace, intricate details, and enchanting vintage allure.


Studio: Embrace the simple and modern artistic spirit and embrace the natural light in studio sunrooms, where creativity flourishes and inspiration finds its perfect canvas.

k2-pool-enclosure (Custom Design)

Custom Design: Unleash your imagination and create your dream space with custom conservatories, where innovation meets individuality, tailored to your unique lifestyle.

Why Hire Our Conservatory Contractors in Pennsylvania and New Jersey?

Evolution Sunrooms only uses the highest-quality materials for custom conservatory installations. We’ll look at your home in southeastern Pennsylvania or New Jersey as if it were our own. You can rest assured knowing we’ll put great attention to detail in every step of the design and installation process for 100% customer satisfaction.

We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, which is a reflection of our work ethic. When you partner with our conservatory contractors in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, you’ll benefit from having an all-glass space that you can use 365 days a year. We complete conservatory additions year-round and have flexible financing plans available for your convenience.

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If you’re ready to get started on designing a spacious and bright conservatory, we’re here to help. To learn more about our conservatory process or our conservatory repair services, give us a call at (215) 398-6936. You can also contact us online to get a free quote.

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