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Porch Conversion Contractor in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

Porch and patio conversions are designed to look like a preexisting, integral part of your home. Are you hesitant to purchase a sunroom because you’re unsure of how it will blend in with the rest of your home’s design? Evolution Sunrooms builds integrated sunrooms that are engineered to complement your existing decor, looking like a part of your home’s original construction as opposed to an addition.

Turn to our sunroom professionals who have more than 25 years of experience in the industry to complete your patio-to-sunroom conversion project.

What Is a Porch Conversion?

A porch conversion involves renovating your outdoor space into a sunroom or screened-in area you can use throughout the year. Traditionally, outdoor porches are places where you sit with friends and family during the warmer months. These areas feature flat surfaces where you can place tables and chairs for dining, talking and enjoying the view.

Some home porches are found at the front of a property. Homeowners may also have a back porch that faces the yard for privacy. A porch could be enclosed with screens or plastic panels that still allow outside air to reach you. The main difference between a porch and other outdoor living room areas like a patio or deck is that a porch is a part of your home’s structure and features similar roof materials.

With Evolution Sunrooms, you can enclose your porch to create an area that keeps you dry from the elements and warm when the temperatures drop. Our porch to sunroom conversions are ideal for anyone in southeastern Pennsylvania or New Jersey looking to get more from their current home.

About Our Porch Conversion Process

Evolution Sunrooms is your premier patio conversion contractor. We’ll work with you to come up with a design that complements your lifestyle and architectural preferences. Our mission is to help you transform your existing space into a living area you can utilize for at least three seasons every year. Our porch conversion contractors in southeastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey will oversee your project from start to finish. From showing you design options to constructing the enclosure, we’ll make sure you’re satisfied with every step.

We’ll begin your assignment with two brief home visits. During the initial visit, we’ll take a look at your existing porch to get ideas for enclosure dimensions, color schemes and construction materials. Our experts will go over the differences between materials and show you samples to help you make your decision. During our second visit, we’ll finalize your design, go over total costs and give you an idea of the time frame for your project.

Each of our porch conversions is entirely custom. By the time we complete your project, you’ll have a living space that’s unique to your home and routine. Whether you want a screened-in porch conversion or something closed off with decorative glass, we can make it happen.

The Benefits of Our Porch Conversions and Screenrooms

Your options for front or back porch makeovers are nearly endless with Evolution Sunrooms. Our porch conversions in Pennsylvania and New Jersey enable you to get an updated living space for less than it would be to create an entirely new structure. Relax and appreciate views of the outdoors without having to walk outside. A screenroom is a major advantage when it starts to rain, sleet or snow.

You’ll have more than one style option for your porch conversion. We recommend our screened-in porch conversions to homeowners that plan to use the new space exclusively during summer. Durable screens keep bees, mosquitos and flies away. You might choose our three-season sunroom layouts for extra protection from the elements. These sunroom designs showcase strong glass, so you can use your space from the start of spring through the end of fall. A four-season sunroom may be right for you if you want a fully insulated space.

Hiring Evolution Sunrooms for a front or back porch conversion can increase the value of your home. You can stay in your home for decades or sell down the road knowing your property has maximum curb appeal. You’ll be surprised at what your neighbors have to say about your home improvement project. You can invite friends and loved ones over knowing you have the room to entertain throughout the year.

Why Choose Evolution Sunrooms for Porch Conversions in Pennsylvania and New Jersey?

At Evolution Sunrooms, we have years of industry experience that allow us to take on projects of any size. Below are just a few examples of why homeowners in Pennsylvania and New Jersey choose us for custom porch enclosures:

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