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A true four-season room would be exactly what you need to add beauty value and additional living space to your home. We design and build gorgeous, naturally-lit sunroom additions that will provide your family with years of happiness. Our sunrooms and conservatories are expertly designed and engineered to last decades, built with the highest quality materials from our partners at LivingSpace Sunrooms.
We offer selection and customization that is unsurpassed in the industry. Whether you need a four-season room expansion that integrates with your existing roofline or an all-glass room, We have top-quality design, materials and construction to meet your needs in the area of  Pennsylvania & New Jersey.


When planning to add one of these spaces to your home, you need to consider which type of sunroom to choose. At Evolution Sunrooms, we offer two popular styles with various customization options, enabling you to design a sunroom that complements the rest of your home.


Inside of a cathedral sunroom addition on a home

With its vaulted ceiling, the Cathedral sunroom fills your home with natural light. As LivingSpace’s most popular style, it’s the perfect space to entertain your guests. We are the best cathedral sunroom designer and contractor in Pennsylvania & New Jersey.

sunroom in pa & nj
sunroom in pa & nj


An interior view of a studio sunroom
Stitched Panorama
sunroom in pa & nj

The Studio sunroom is a contemporary space that ushers in natural light. The single-eave roof makes it a clean fit for any home and LivingSpace’s technology helps it look like it was part of the house all along. Usually used for relaxation, this room brings fulfillment to any day. We are the Best Studio Sunroom Designer & Contractor in Pennsylvania & New Jersey.


A sunroom is an excellent home addition that the whole family can enjoy. Aside from being visually appealing, sunrooms also provide benefits such as:

  • Providing more functional space: A sunroom adds extra living space that you can use in various ways. For example, the flexible space can serve as an office or entertainment area. Our sunroom contractors will design your addition to align with your needs.
  • Increasing home value: Sunrooms increase home value by boosting curb appeal and adding more square footage to your home. As a result, these stylish additions contribute toward a higher real estate value.
  • Incorporating natural light: A sunroom lets in natural light that brightens up your home and brings in warmth, reducing the need for artificial lights.

Our Sunroom Addition Process

Our expert sunroom contractors work closely with you from start to finish to create a sunroom that meets your expectations. On our first visit, we provide the necessary information about different sunroom styles, materials and shapes to help you make an informed decision based on your preferences.

On our second visit, we will finalize the designs and go over the total cost and timeline of the project. Our team is committed to constructing quality sunrooms that add value to your home. We achieve this objective through open communication, incorporating customization requests and applying our expertise to each detail.

Our Work

Browse through some of our completed projects to get sunroom ideas for your home.

Start Building Your Sunroom With Evolution Sunrooms

Evolution Sunrooms has over 27 years of experience designing and constructing these outstanding home additions. You can count on us to bring your vision to life. Contact us online to request a free quote.

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