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6 Benefits of Enclosing Your Porch or Patio for a New Sunroom

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Do you have a patio or porch and are thinking about how you can give it a complete makeover? Enclosing that outdoor space can transform it into a stunning sunroom. A sunroom is an extended enclosed area attached to a home that offers indoor conveniences and outdoor exposure. These areas don't take away your existing

Energy-Efficient Sunrooms — Sustainability and Comfort Combine

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A sunroom delightfully blends the benefits of the outdoors with indoor comforts  — but are they good for the planet? If you build it thoughtfully, a sunroom can be exceptionally energy-efficient, allowing you to help the planet, save on your energy bills and reduce waste. Before building a sunroom, ensure it has an energy-efficient design that

Sunroom Maintenance Guide

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Sunrooms connect you with nature, are unique and stunning home additions, and can give you access to much-needed sunshine during the winter. However, these spaces require special care to stay functional. Because they are built of glass panes set in a frame, sunrooms can experience leaks, warping, damaged screens and other issues. A little maintenance

The Top Five Advantages of Sunrooms

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Have you ever experienced the sensation of the sun first thing in the morning? Your skin starts to warm, your eyes light up, your body feels energized and awake — you know you're about to have a great day. That's the sun effect. Sun exposure can do wonders for your physical and mental health. Imagine having

What Kind of Sunroom Is Right for My Home?

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Picture sitting in a window-covered room to enjoy the July sun or read a book as the April rain pitter-patters against the roof. With a sunroom addition, these types of days are possible. Aside from the stunning natural light and the ability to enjoy the outdoors all year, you can boost the value of your

Sunroom vs. Room Addition

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When you need extra room in your home, it's time to consider building an addition. Home additions increase your available space and your home's resale value. Two types of home additions are sunrooms and room additions. There are many benefits of adding a sunroom or room addition to your home. Once you know their differences, pros

How to Keep My Sunroom Climate-Controlled

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Whether you already have a sunroom or are planning to add one to your home, keeping it comfortable year-round is likely a priority. Climate-controlled sunrooms allow you to experience the best of the outdoors while basking in the convenience of the indoors. You can enjoy long, sunny summer days without worrying about bugs or

Converting a Deck Into a Sunroom

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Sunrooms are an excellent addition to any home. While a deck can allow you to enjoy the outdoors when the weather is pleasant, you can enjoy an all-season sunroom all year, even in unfavorable conditions. Instead of building a home addition, you might wonder if you can enclose your existing deck to make a room,

Sunrooms in Montvale, NJ

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Sunroom Additions in Montvale, NJ D&E Design has been providing Montvale residents with the unprecedented service quality every homeowner deserves. When you prefer us for your sunroom addition, you’ll be inspired by the experience and even more fascinated with the results. Our smart, customized installations will bring new life to your home and provide hours