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Cathedral Sunroom Installations

Cathedral sunrooms provide plentiful sunlight and gorgeous nature views, making them an excellent addition to any home. In the winter, you’ll appreciate a warm and cozy space to snuggle up and watch the snow fall. In the summer, relax and unwind in a cool and comfy room ideal for entertaining guests.

Cathedral-style sunrooms bring the outdoors indoors while providing a stunning architectural element to any home. A cathedral ceiling sunroom will also make your space feel more open and inviting with added height.

We’ll discuss a few of the benefits of cathedral sunrooms below, so you know what to expect when planning to install this unique and beautiful addition in your home.

What Is a Cathedral Sunroom?

Sunrooms, also known as garden rooms, Florida rooms or solariums, blend seamlessly with your home and provide access to nature with a protective barrier from the elements. With multiple windows, sunrooms also create an ideal environment for growing and caring for plants.

A cathedral sunroom design consists of a vaulted ceiling or two slanted sides that meet at a point. These rooms resemble the shape of churches and cathedrals. Typically higher than the traditional roof, a cathedral roof provides an eye-catching design element to any home. While the room’s footprint remains the same, the added vault ceiling gives the illusion of more space.

Vault ceiling sunroom contractors can build these sunrooms atop an existing patio to welcome fresh air indoors or have one installed as an extension of your living space. Homeowners can use their cathedral sunroom as an extra living room, a home office or a place to cozy up with a good book.

Homeowners will appreciate the various ways to style a cathedral roof sunroom addition. Easily apply your aesthetic preference to a cathedral sunroom with stylish light fixtures, gorgeous paint colors and decor. You’ll enhance the look of your vaulted ceiling while ushering in any design style, from rustic and modern to boho or eclectic.

Why Add a Cathedral Sunroom

Why Add a Cathedral Sunroom?

With their extra space and stunning ceilings, you’ll appreciate numerous advantages of a cathedral sunroom in your home. Installing one can increase your home’s resale value and provide a comfortable space for lounging no matter the season. We’ll discuss four of the most fantastic benefits of installing a cathedral sunroom below.

1. Additional Space

Cathedral sunroom installers in southeastern PA will use high-quality materials to design and install a vaulted roof that elongates your room and adds to your existing architecture. The extra wall space is ideal for decor, and the ceiling creates an illusion of height and airiness, so you can comfortably spread out and relax.

You can install larger light fixtures and add wall art with a vaulted ceiling or have your roof fitted for skylights to appreciate the inviting nature of a bright room. The architectural style of a cathedral sunroom welcomes an open, airy and grand space. Entertain more guests and enjoy a quiet respite within your own home when you opt for the additional space of a cathedral sunroom.

2. Gorgeous Aesthetics

Since they resemble the shape of gorgeous churches, you can expect an air of elegance and sophistication with a cathedral sunroom addition. Vaulted ceilings usher in brightness and add more character than the standard flat roof. If you opt for wood beams, you can increase the visual appeal further and provide a mount for light fixtures.

In terms of design styles, vaulted ceilings offer a midcentury modern vibe to any space. Easily convert a ranch-style home into a unique and vintage space. Cathedral ceilings can also create an ideal rustic, cabin-like aesthetic.

3. Natural Light

Cathedral sunroom installers in NJ will design a dream space for enjoying all four seasons with the beneficial aspects of being indoors. You’ll have bountiful natural light and appreciate sunny days spent in your sunroom at a desirable temperature.

Natural light can provide many mental and physical health benefits for you and your family. You might notice that you have more energy, improved sleep and reduced seasonal depression with the additional natural light. It can even reduce the health risks associated with exposure to fluorescent lighting.

A sunroom is also an excellent place for growing and maintaining beautiful and healthy plants. You can plant types native to hot and humid climates and enjoy gorgeous blooms throughout the year.

4. Increased Home Resale Value

This home improvement project can significantly increase your home’s resale value. Since sunrooms tend to be on the pricey side, it’s easy to recoup more of the construction expenses, making sunrooms an intelligent financial investment for homeowners.

With a gorgeous ceiling, additional space and abundant natural light, a cathedral sunroom addition can make your home highly sought after if you choose to sell it in the future.

Cathedral Sunroom Installers in NJ and Southeastern PA

A four-season cathedral sunroom offers additional living space while you comfortably enjoy nature, no matter the outside temperatures.

At Evolution Sunrooms, we design and build beautiful, naturally lit sunroom additions and spaces for you and your family to enjoy for years to come. With our expert designs and high-quality materials, you can rest assured that your sunroom will last for decades.

We provide expert cathedral sunroom installation in NJ and southeastern PA to increase your home’s curb appeal and enhance your comfort. With Evolution Sunrooms, you can enjoy a stress-free design and construction process that includes:

  1. Free on-site consultation and an accurate estimate of what we’ll need to create your dream space.
  2. Trained and experienced experts to help you customize your ideal cathedral sunroom.
  3. Thermal efficiency designs so you can enjoy warm temperatures in the colder seasons.
  4. Complete construction of your home to seamlessly blend your new year-round sunroom addition.

We believe a cathedral sunroom installer should provide excellent customer care and quality construction. Our values shine in every step of the construction process to ensure your satisfaction. No matter the size of your project, our experienced designers and installers provide a smooth process to create a beautiful and relaxing respite for you and your family.

Get a Quote for a Cathedral Sunroom Addition

Get a Quote for a Cathedral Sunroom Addition

When you choose to partner with Evolution Sunrooms, you’ll appreciate the benefits of having experienced and friendly professionals make your home shine. We are highly trained cathedral sunroom contractors serving southeastern PA and NJ. We’ll collaborate with you every step of the way to create a gorgeous, customized cathedral sunroom perfect for your needs.

Enjoy attractive rates, a lifetime warranty and professional deployment services when you work with Evolution Sunrooms. Trust us with your home addition, and your new sunroom will be the talk of the neighborhood.

For expert sunroom installation services or sunroom repairs in southeastern PA and NJ, get a quote from us today!

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